Why wooden wick candles?

Why AK & Co uses wooden wicks?

We often get questions on our newly improved wooden wicks, so we thought we would share why we chose them, their benefits and how they are different from regular cotton wicks.

Wooden wick tends to be thinner and burn slower than regular cotton wicks. This will extend the life of your candle which is why this is another fantastic reason to invest into them.

You’ll never need to worry that your candle will release carbon, soot and debris build up! Wooden wicks don’t “mushroom” and release sooty residue as compared to cotton wicks, all you need is a candle trimmer to trim off any charred wood from previous burns, and voila! your flame will shine clean and bright!
When you start burning your wooden wick candle, it produces a distinct crackling sound, and generally a more calming and appealing aspect in creating ambiance.

Wooden wicks have a distinctive flat horizontal flame, giving your candle a modern vibe that you won’t get with a cotton wick. Of course we do understand that some consumers still prefer the classic cotton wick that is more cost effective! But we know we can’t get best of all sides 😉