Trimming Your Candle Wicks

Through normal use, most cotton and wood wicks will begin to ‘mushroom’, leaving burnt debris that should be trimmed. Large, untrimmed wicks make hotter and larger flames, which means your candle is burning up faster and turning your dollars into soot and smoke.

We recommend trimming your candle wicks before each burn to ~0.5 cm to maintain a healthy candle.

Long-lasting and clean burning with trimming practice

The air and walls around you will be cleaner, your candles will burn longer and they’ll continue to fill your home with lovely fragrance.

Wood wicks are just as easy but require the tiniest bit more force to get them trimmed to that 1/4″ mark. If you don’t have clippers handy you can use your fingers to pinch the blackened and split part of the wood wick to remove it from the candle. Ideally, use a nice candle trimmer to cut your wick back down to fresh wood, still to about 1/4″ above the wax of the candle.

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